Plastic(PU, PVC) Watchband
  • Under normal circumstances, the PICONO Plastic(PU, PVC) watchband can be used for 18 months. This may vary depending on the use situation, frequency and environment.
  • The Plastic(PU, PVC) watchband should not come in contact with acetone or other volatile liquids in the process of cleaning the strap. If the watchband is stained, an eraser or soft cloth can be used with a small amount of soapy water, and the band can be left to dry in the shade.
Metal Watchband
If you often wear a metal watchband and regularly sweat or engage in water sports, the band can easily become rusty. We recommend using a small amount of soapy water to clean the metal of watchband. If the watchband is especially dirty or stained, use a soft brush to clean it and a clean, dry rag to thoroughly wipe off any excess soapy water.
Real Leather Watchband
  • Avoid putting the leather watchband in water. If you plan to often wear the watch in the water, we recommend using the Plastic(PU, PVC) or stainless steel watchband, as the leather watchband is prone to damage from prolonged contact with water.
  • If you wear the leather watchband for a long time, the color of the leather will change in darkness gradually. This is a normal phenomenon and is not cause for alarm.
Stainless Steel Watchband
The stainless steel watchband can prevent chemical oxidation, but if you often sweat or engage in water sports, this band can easily become rusty. With normal use, you should check and clean the band every 1-2 months, using a small amount of soapy water to clean it. For especially dirty or stained bands, use a soft brush to clean it, and then dry the watch thoroughly with a clean, dry rag.
Waterproof Washer
  • Every PICONO watch is assembled with a secure waterproof washer in order to ensure its waterproof function. Depending on the use situation, the waterproof washer will gradually age, thereby reducing the waterproof function over time.
  • If you regularly use the watch during water sports, we recommend that you maintain it regularly, especially if it is soaked in seawater or chemicals, which can lead to erosion and aging. After engaging in water sports, use clean water or a soft cloth with a small amount of soapy water to clean the watch. Finally, use a dry cloth to carefully wipe the watch case and remove any excess soapy water on the watch cover, crown, etc.
Waterproof Washer
  • The waterproof function of the PICONO watch meets the appropriate standards. The words “Water Resistant” appear on the bottom of the lid, and the watch has passed the required tests and ISO-22810 international requirements.
  • The Three Atmospheric Pressure (3ATM - 30m) waterproof watch can be used in clear or rainy weather. Avoid immersing in the water.
  • The Five Atmospheric Pressure (5ATM - 50m) waterproof watch can be used in the swimming pool or normal, everyday situations.
  • The Ten Atmospheric Pressure (10ATM - 100m) waterproof watch can be used in swimming, diving, or any water sports.
Screw-type case back
The case back of PICONO watches is screwed on closely and water-proof. It is normal if the angle of logo and lettering on the back may be at different angle of surface. If you have problems with the inevitable situation, PICONO suggests you to NOT purchase the products.
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